Do's and Dont's

Do's Dont's

Keep the sides and top surface of the battery container clean and neat always.

Don't top up with ordinary tap water, well water or rain water because all have excess minerals that affect battery performance.
Always top up with distilled water or de-mineralised water ($1089).

Toping up above the maximum marking level will lead to overflow, which will create metal parts in your vehicle, weaken the electrolyte strength and battery life may fall prematurely.

Electrolyte level to be maintained between the Maximum and Minimum markings on the battery container.


Keep the battery terminals clean and free from accumulation of dust.

Never apply grease to the terminals because it has lots of minerals and is flammable.

Apply petroleum jelly or Vaseline on the terminals and bolt and nuts to avoid corrosion.

Don't short the terminals of the battery for checking wheather the battery is good or bad.
Always use proper Ampere Hour battery and suitable dimensions recommended by the OEMs. Rust or foreign particles deposits in the terminal will lead to drop in voltage/current.

Electrical gadgets should be fixed as per the OEM's recommendation.

Never fix under Ampere Hour / higher Ampere Hour battery other than those recommended by the specified OEMs.

Ensure that the vehicle's RR unit / alternator output is within the specified limit voltage range of 14.2 to 14.4 Volts.

Extra Electrical fitments that are not OEM-specified leads to premature failure of your battery.

Keep the battery cradle in your vehicle clean and free from rust and corrosion, and ensure that the battery is fixed on the cradle firmly.

If Rectifier Regulator unit / Alternator output is beyond the specified limit than recommended, it will create frequent topping up of distilled or demineralised water, while neglected topping up leads to premature failure of your battery.

Vent plug holes should be free from dust. Blocking of vent holes leads to accumulation of hydrogen gas, which leads to bursting of battery.

Improper fitment or loose fitment of battery on the battery compartment or cradle leads to battery damage.

Use proper tools while fixing and removing battery.

Never hammer battery terminals while fixing battery cables.


Do's and Dont's